22 january 2020 leo horoscope

The Astro Twins forecast every zodiac sign's horoscope for this month. ( January 20 - February 18) (November 22 - December 21). Scorpio, Horoscope, monthly ยท Monthly Horoscopes Oct 1, Scorpio Monthly Horoscope.

Birthday Horoscope January 28th

Try to clear the air. Express your dynamic creativity and imagination instead. You will draw others in, and they will understand your changeability.

Tonight: Act as if there's no tomorrow! Consider slowing down and thinking through your options.

Your spontaneity usually points you in the right direction, but at the present moment you might not home in on what is ultimately best. You might be reviving your sense of what is appropriate as well as what is basic in a particular situation.


Tonight: Get a good night's sleep. You are frisky and full of energy. Be as precise as possible when making a decision. You harness your energy and focus it despite a loved one or key associate causing uproar. You will focus on this person's issue soon enough, to his or her delight.

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Tonight: Let go with a child or a childlike person. Settle in and understand what's happening with another person. If possible, verify that no one is stabbing you in the back or acting one way while doing something else. The issue could involve money and security.

Take special care if you're buying a home or making any other major purchase. Tonight: Back to basics. Head home early.

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You feel sure of yourself, but a happening could be delayed, or a misunderstanding could become an issue. Verify the time and place of a get-together.


You might opt to change your schedule in order to have more time for a specific talk, project or yourself. You will be able to maximize your energy as a result. Tonight: Be receptive to a suggestion. You might want to put off an important decision that simply doesn't feel right.

Daily horoscope for Monday, January 28, | National Post

You could get more comments than you like, but do listen. You have an opportunity to re-evaluate your choices without causing any damage or problems. Tonight: Get some extra R and R. Emphasize the best result for the majority of the people in a meeting. Related Stories. Print Tweet Share Like. Agree or Disagree? Read our latest opinions.

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Share With Us. This form requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings. First Name Required. Last Name Required. Email Address Required. Phone Number Required. Story Text. Nurture important relationships and make sure your household is running efficiently. Make alterations that will cut your overhead and make your life less stressful.

Take care of your elders and those who depend on you. Avoid an argument by refusing to let someone goad you into an impossible debate. Take care of your responsibilities. Consider the costs involved before you agree to any plans that are suggested. Your past experience with people and partnerships will help you dodge a situation that can cause undue stress. The information you gather may be exaggerated, but it will still inspire positive change. Change will tempt you, but without proper research, regrets will set in.

Test the waters before you decide to take the plunge. Know your boundaries and limitations. Once you broaden your outlook, you can bring about positive changes to the way you move forward. Love and romance will improve your personal life and give you the incentive to do your best. Accept the inevitable and prepare to explore and expand new interests. Discipline will help you reach your destination.