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The Sagittarius child will argue when your theory does not match theirs. Traveling is a must for these children. From an early age until old age they will be traveling to foreign countries and seeing the world. They love to meet people of different cultures and talk about different beliefs. They easily adapt to different cultures and ways of living. Often seen in libraries and museums in search of learning something new. Very generous and friendly, they love life and people. They are so honest, that they can be tactless.

They do not mean to hurt others, they are just telling the truth. These children are not often interested in doing chores or homework because they do not look like something that would be fun. They can procrastinate better than any other sign. They become bored easily and are into so many things, that nothing ever gets finished.

They have to be shown the value of responsibility and completing tasks. These children love sports and should be encouraged to participate, as well as, watch others playing. Give them enough freedom of choice or they will fight you just to be their own person. Teach them tact and what will hurt others. Sagittarius Kids Astrology. Sagittarius Kids - Sporty Kids They are the fun loving children of the zodiac. Birth - 6 months. Alert and cheerful. Squirmy and restless. Either sleeping or in perpetual motion. Happy and playful. Able to keep himself and those around him amused.

Needs the company of others. May cry if left alone. Will sleep better if in a room where he can hear familiar voices. It is said that something that is born in time takes on the qualities of that specific moment. Astrology is a map of karma, positive and negative, that will unfold in cycles of time. The seeds of the future are always sown in the present, but can we read them? This is what the study of astrology is all about: reading the signs of the times and listening to what they have to say about ourselves, now and in the future.

Astrology, then, is prophecy. Yet we know that prophecy can be altered, changed, or mitigated through free will, right or wrong decisions, prayers, and self-awareness. The Sun sign interpretations that we find in most newspapers are a far cry from the work of professional astrologers. The sign the Sun was in on the day of your birth for example Aries, Taurus, or Gemini is only one of many factors that professionals look at.

In addition to the day and year of birth, most professionals use the time and place of birth as well. Birth date, year, time, and place are all needed to pinpoint your place in time and space. Given this information, an astrologer creates what is called a natal or birth chart sometimes called a horoscope. These planets are then placed in a circular diagram called a chart wheel. This wheel is a miniature diagram of what the sky looked like at the moment of birth as seen from the birthplace.

The very top of the chart, or MC Medium Coeli or Midheaven , is that part of the zodiac directly overhead, while the bottom of the chart, or IC Imum Coeli, or lower heaven , is the part beneath your feet and on the other side of the Earth from you. At the extreme left-hand side of the wheel is the Ascendant, or rising sign — the part of the zodiac that is on the horizon or rising at the birth moment. The Descendant is on the right-hand side of the chart.

This is the part of the zodiac that is setting. These four points — the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, and IC — are very important to astrologers. They are sensitive points. Elements and Modalities The 12 zodiac signs have different qualities. Certain groups of signs share similar qualities. The two most popular methods for sign grouping are elements and modalities. Astrologers like to see which of the groups the natal planets fall in, then add them up to produce counts or totals. Keep in mind that these points might tally up quite differently for you! If your child, however, lacks wants Cardinal planets and is strong on Fixed, she may find it harder than you to get going; but once she gets started, her efforts could be more stable.

Learning your similarities and differences will help you master your own chart as well as be more patient with your child. Elements A very popular grouping of the signs is that of the four elements — Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. People with lots of fire in their chart are very active, involved and can do all kinds of things.

Children with an emphasis on fire in their charts are vivacious and fun to be with, but they may need to work at being more reliable. Fire-sign children love to look at the dancing flames on a summer camp-out fire. Fire is creative but, mishandled, is dangerous. Those with little fire in their charts often find it hard to get started, and they may need someone of greater enthusiasm and spark to get them going!

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. People with lots of earth are very practical; they can see how to do and use things. Children with a strong earth emphasis are looking for ways to be productive. Earth-sign children enjoy playing with sand, clay, and beautiful rocks. They like to build. Those with little earth tend to be less objective, less grounded, or less practical. Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. People with lots of air are analytical; they are able to resolve and draw conclusions.

Children with a preponderance of air can be chatty. They are mental and like to exchange ideas. They understand emotions through reason.

Parent Child Compatibility shows level of understanding between parents and children.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Children with a strong water emphasis may be artistic or musical. Their feelings are hurt easily. They seek ways to care for others. Even as babies, they enjoy quiet periods of meditation. Water-sign children often love swimming and playing in water. Those with little water may be need help getting in touch with their feelings. Another popular way of grouping the zodiac signs is by the Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable crosses.

People with a heavy emphasis in Cardinal signs are self-starters, doers. They initiate and get things moving. Children with a Cardinal emphasis are normally active and dynamic. Life will bring them challenges through changing circumstances. They must learn the proper use of power.

They can be firecrackers for getting things off the ground, but they may need guidance on follow-through. Children with few planets in Cardinal signs may have trouble getting the ball rolling. Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. People with a heavy emphasis in fixed signs hang onto and preserve life. They are at the center of things and are hard to budge. They tend to be loyal and persevering.

Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Leo Moms

Life will teach them to be less attached to desire. They must learn to love in a more selfless manner. Children with few planets in fixed signs may have trouble seeing the job through and may need to cultivate stick-to-it-tive-ity. Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius, Pisces. People with a heavy emphasis in mutable signs are restless and impressionable. They seek ways to communicate. Children with a strong mutable emphasis are normally inquisitive and enjoy learning. They like to share what they learn with others. They may be restless and would benefit by some work with the hands. Life may offer them lessons in overcoming fear.

They need to learn to focus the mind. They may be mimics, and tend to pick up knowledge easily, but they can also easily become distracted and they tend to be overly impressionable. Children with few planets in mutable signs may have trouble adapting or being flexible. Aspects Aspects are an important part of astrology. As the planets move in their elongated orbits around the Sun, they form various angular relationships with one another, using the Sun or Earth as the center. These are called aspects. The most popular aspects result from dividing the circle by numbers such as 1, 2, 3, and 4, resulting in aspects such as the conjunction 0 degrees , opposition degrees , trine degrees , and square 90 degrees.

When two planets form an aspect with each another, their energies and natures are said to combine and work in harmony positive or discord afflicted. For example, when two planets are exactly on opposite sides of the Sun Earth , they are in opposition. Conjunction 0 degrees. Two planets at the same point in the zodiac are said to be in conjunction. Their natures are fused or blended into one. Opposition degrees. Two planets at opposite sides of the zodiac. The energies are in alignment with each other. They can pull together or apart, depending upon the nature of the planets involved, and the consciousness of the individual.

These represent challenge, obstacles, and creative tension; they provide the surest means to dynamic growth. Too many can block or obstruct the life flow, yet too few can indicate a lack of motivation. The soft aspects bring ease, clarity, and vision to our lives; we can see, grasp, and understand what is happening. Too few of the soft aspects can bring a lack of ease to our lives, while too many soft aspects make for a life that is potentially lacking in substance. When ignored, these aspects can lead to over-indulgence and eventual weakness.

Develop these points like diamonds. When an aspect is exact, it has its greatest impact. Yet the effect of most aspects can be felt for some time before and after the moment of exactness. An orb of one or two degrees of arc on either side of the exact aspect is considered a close or tight orb, while an orb of 10 degrees is said to be wide. The particular combination can make a difference too.

Aspects between planets such as Saturn and Mars traditional malefics are obviously more potentially explosive than the same aspect between Venus and Jupiter traditional benefics. The Planets In astrology, the larger life of our solar system as a whole tells us something about our own personal Earth life.

The interplay and relationship of the planets with one another as they circle the Sun is carefully studied. These are the celestial bodies used most often by modern astrologers for natal interpretation. Each of these planets represents or refers to a part of our life and self. Here are some of the concepts and key words associated with each planet: Sun. The heart and center of it all: spirit and identity. The Sun represents father, guru, teacher or figure of authority — our connection to great solar hierarchies!

The Moon represents our mother, our surroundings, the environment out of which we come, our past and childhood, our formative years and self. In short, the Moon paints a picture of the early background, that out of which we emerged. The Moon should be a clear reflection of the Sun, but, because of the subconscious nature of the Moon and the state of affairs on this planet, most of us have some weeds to pluck from our lunar garden.

Mercury is communication at light speed, linkage, thought, ideas, the light of the mind — Logos! Mercury also relates to brothers and sisters. Venus reveals how we respond, appreciate, cherish, or value something. Venus shows the way we love, our capacity to care for others. Mars is the planet of action through desire. Mars is energy and Mars is our clue to what motivates our child. Jupiter is the pathfinder or lamp through the trials of time.

Astrology Behavior of Leo Children - age 5 to 15

Jupiter shows where opportunities for expansion lie. Jupiter is grace. Jupiter is the planet that brings us the rewards of good karma. Jupiter relates to religion, philosophy, and higher education. Saturn is the great teacher, the giver of laws or rules, the Initiator. Saturn also represents Chronos — time — and the material world. As Saturn makes its cycles, we can expect the child to test these limitations. By studying Saturn, we can glean an understanding of the best approach to adopt in disciplining the child.

Saturn can show us where the child may feel thwarted and how we can best help her. Studying Saturn by sign, aspects, and house position will reveal in what area of life the child may later as an adult confront some of her greatest challenges. Knowing this, we as parents can take definite steps to prepare her to pass every test!

Learn your little one's Leo characteristics

Uranus is the Great Awakener. Uranus represents breakthroughs: insight, invention, innovation. Where Saturn crystallizes into form, Uranus shatters and creates anew! Neptune is the planet that brings enlightenment and compassion. When we challenge the darkness Pluto exposes, we enter a cycle of creation and regeneration, usually through a transmutative or transformative experience generally in adulthood, but the seeds can be set in childhood or even in past lives!

Pluto shows the issues native to the generation into which our child was born, issues that may challenge and change our own! The Lights The Sun and the Moon are the two most significant bodies in the natal chart. In manifesting our highest potential, our spiritual identity, we have many choices along the way.

The sign position of the Sun reveals the nature of our greatest potential attainment plus attainment we have brought in from other lifetimes , and also the nature of our points of greatest vulnerability. The house position indicates an area of high focus in her life. Where the Sun is conscious will directed toward an outer purpose, the Moon is the subconscious, emotions, and the feeling world. The Sun is father and authorities; the Moon is mother and our roots, our family, home and nation.

The Moon should be a clear reflection of spirit, and one day perhaps she shall be, but for now the Moon tends to amplify the more negative emotions and habit patterns within the individual and the mass consciousness. We can see how we, her parents and teachers, may have to work on our own emotions and habits to help the child obtain greater self-mastery, and where we could, even inadvertently, injure her by passing on generational patterns of negative behavior.

Lunar energy is most significant in the first seven years of life. The pioneer, adventurer. Courage, daring, boldness. The fountainhead or source. However we see our identity in Aries the Sun will color the rest of the chart. In Aries, through patience and the higher mind, we exercise control and replace the human ego with the divine. To do so, we must battle Martian energy and master anger, aggression, conceit, and all manner of ego games. Taurus: The Bull.

Taurus is the steady, deliberate, determined response of life to the new ideas and impulses of Aries — possessing them, embodying them. Taurus is the sign of the Builders. In Taurus, we make way for the Buddha the enlightened one through an inner obedience to our calling in life. Through the fires of love, we transmute human density and receive illumination. The bull that blindly follows the red cape of desire must become the ox who serves.

Gemini: The Twins. Communicating, inquiring, investigating, exploring. Gemini is the sign where we end our differences through effective communication come-into-union. We transcend envy and jealousy that would divide us through knowledge and the application of wisdom. Cancer: The Crab. The crab carries his home with him wherever he goes.

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Cancer is the experience, vehicle, or body itself. The house and home — The Chariot. The experience as in feeling, living, and sensing life. Cancer energy is protective, nurturing, and compassionate. Cancer is the mother, human and divine, who gives and gives of herself until this daily giving becomes second nature.

In Cancer we learn self-discipline to raise up the tremendous creative force of the mother, the kundalini. We overcome self-pity, self-justification and indecision and are harmonious with all of life. Leo: The Lion. Leo is fire of heart! Leo is the outward expression of love: acting, creativity, children, sports, and romance.

Leo is the sign of Kings. In Leo we learn humility and magnanimity of heart, the mark of true leadership! We learn to care for and appreciate life. We express gratitude in thought, word, and deed. Virgo: The Virgin. Virgo is the sign of health, works, and service. Virgo is the Celestial Maiden. In her arms she carries the sheaves of wheat, symbolizing wisdom. With meticulous discernment, she separates out the chaff, makes flour, and distributes the bread to a world hungry for her spiritual guidance. She is the teacher. In her great love of geometry and perfection, the Earth Mother pays special attention to details, repair, craftsmanship.

She is busy, concerned, and careful, practical, analytical, and discriminating. In Virgo we balance our karmic accounts.

Aries Children

Through peace and understanding, we transmute anger and a sense of injustice. We replace a tendency to worry with a positive mental outlook. We balance our accounts through service to life. Libra: The Scales. Marriage and union. Yoga: to join, or yoke. Marriage is the most common form of yoga. Libra energy is diplomatic, compassionate, attentive to the needs of others. In Libra we learn to be centered in the heart. Only there and in the higher mind can we be at the fulcrum of reality. We treat our brother as we would have him treat us, but learn to be unafraid to stand up for truth, even if in so doing we rock the Libran scales!

In Libra, we seek balance to be the instruments of love. Painful experiences in love — dishonesty, treachery, and intrigue — are arrows that cause pain but also purify and bring us back to the center in God. Scorpio: The Scorpion. The Scorpion, the Phoenix, the Eagle. Scorpio is the sign of great yet, more often than not, painful transformations. Rising out of the ashes of an ancient karma, we reclaim our divine sonship. We learn it is far better to give than to receive. We learn to detach ourselves from those desires not in keeping with our Higher Self.

We remove all that is nonessential to our path. Scorpio energy is intense, penetrating, purging, metamorphic. This is the sign of the Warrior and the Initiate. What remains after the furnace of Scorpio: truth, that which cannot be further reduced. Sagittarius represents all the great cultural traditions that frame civilization: law, religion, history, and philosophy. Sagittarian energy is enthusiastic, profound, generous, and candid.

This is the sign of Victory over all the misuses of every other sign! In Sagittarius we learn to overcome lower desires the Centaur and aim our arrow higher! If we give in to freedom without responsibility, we can find ourselves on a roller coaster ride hard to get off!

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Beethoven a Sagittarian composed his greatest symphonies after he had gone deaf, and Sagittarius is a sign of overcoming all human limitations and soaring for the sky! The only thing that can rob us of our victory is resentment and retaliation. When we have a rolling momentum of victory, there is no room for resentment. We rise higher.

Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Leo Moms | LoveToKnow

Capricorn: The Goat. The purified essence bursts into light. Capricorn is the greatest concentration of spirit in the earth body, the crystallization of spirit in earthly works and endeavors. When we remember that we are the instruments of the light, and not the source of its creation, we can accomplish all things. Those who become drunk with power meet their downfall in this sign. Those who are humble do the works of the father, and they often become governors of men. Capricorn energy gives practical vision. Capricorn is dependable, steady, constant, organized, managerial.

Misused it is cold, dictatorial, judgmental, manipulative, and cruel. Aquarius: The Water Bearer. Aquarius carries the spiritual light of Capricorn into actuality. The will to implement our clearest vision; alchemy. Aquarius relates to freedom, innovation, and brotherly love.

Aquarius is the sign of technology, scientific advances that are intended to free us from drudgery to better pursue the life of the spirit! In working with others, and for causes greater than ourselves, we learn the lessons of love — cooperation, surrender of personal desire for the good of all, and true fraternity. Irritation, intellectual conceit, and intolerance are misuses of the Aquarian light born out of hardness of heart. Pisces: The Fishes. Jesus Christ was born at the beginning of the Piscean Age. He is known as the Piscean avatar. His ministry exemplified a path of self-mastery characterized by charity, compassion, mystical understanding.

Pisces energy is intuitive, understanding, willing to sacrifice. In Pisces we call upon courage, illumination, and faith to overcome all manner of fear based on past memories from this or other lifetimes, or embedded in the race subconscious. We obtain peace and become teachers holding a lamp of wisdom to the many.

Doubt, fear, self-pity, illusion, delusion and all manner of evading reality alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. The astrological wheel, or mandala, is a map of the space surrounding us at the time of our birth. The chart represents the hub of life! The wheel is divided into twelve sections called houses — six houses in the sky above, six beneath the Earth below.

These houses are numbered counterclockwise, starting with the 1st house and the direction east on the left-hand side of the wheel. Planets in the heavens are placed on the chart wheel in the houses that correspond to where they actually are in the sky.

Of the 12 houses, astrologers find the four most important are the one directly above our heads 10th , the one under our feet 4th , the one on the left and to the east 1st , and the one on the right and to the west 7th. Life continues after the birth moment. Astrologers watch the planets as they continue on in the sky after a birth move through the houses of the natal chart.

Their movement is counterclockwise: from the upper hemisphere houses , across the ascendant 1st house cusp , into the lower hemisphere houses , and on around. In the chart wheel, the planets are placed in their zodiac positions. The zodiac stretches in a circle through all degrees of the surrounding sky, and this circle is divided into sections of 30 degrees — the familiar 12 signs.

Planet positions are measured within signs by degrees, minutes, and seconds of circular arc. Each degree contains 60 minutes of arc and each minute of arc contains 60 seconds of arc. For example, I might tell you that my Moon Moon at birth is in the sign Leo 5th sign. More exactly it is in the 01st degree of Leo. It is actually at 01 degree and 28 minutes of the sign Leo. The chart wheel is usually divided into 12 sections called houses.

The houses are numbered counterclockwise from 1 to The pie-like lines that divide one house from the next are called house cusps. For example, the cusp of the 1st house is the horizontal line on the left-hand east side of the wheel. Keep in mind that our Earth makes a complete turn on its axis once in 24 hours. The chart wheel represents the space surrounding where we were born.

It is as if we were standing outside with the sky above us upper part of chart and the Earth beneath our feet lower hemisphere. As the Earth turns, it brings each of the degrees of the zodiac overhead or to any part of the wheel once in 24 hours — a new degree of the zodiac every four minutes or so. As you can see, the symbols for the planets have been placed in the part of the sky the house in which they were at the time of your birth. For example, if you were born in the daytime, then the symbol for the Sun will be somewhere in the upper half of the wheel. If you were born at noon, the sun would be almost right overhead or at the top of the chart, while if you were born at midnight it would be at the bottom 4th house of the chart.

The wheel is also seen as two hemispheres — a top and a bottom. The upper part of the chart houses represents that part of the sky that was overhead and above the horizon at the time of our birth. It has to do with our participation in the world of thoughts, ideas, ideals, planning, and public service.

Here we see our interaction with others, joint finances, career development, shared philosophies, and group endeavors. The lower hemisphere houses marks that part of the heavens that we have under us — and cannot see — below the horizon and on the other side of the Earth from us. It has more to do with personal issues — myself, my money, my home, my job, etc. The Wheel of Houses The chart wheel or mandala of 12 houses can be seen as a circle, or cycle, with each house leading to the next house, and so on, in a counterclockwise direction.

The 10th house is at the peak of the chart, the point of the crystallization of self into the world at large. Here we give back to the world our specialized talent and achievement, our dharma, the manifestation of our incarnation. It is directly overhead, up-there, and to the south.

It is the house of clear, practical vision. Ideas can take their start here as planets pass through the 10th house. In the natal chart, the 10th house is associated with career, vocation, and the like. For example, a child with Aries ruled by Mars on the Midheaven might be headed for a job with the police force, military, or steel industry. Of course, this will only be the case for a certain percentage of children. The majority, however, will take an Arian approach to work: They will be self-enterprising and willing to work hard.

They may butt heads with their employers. They may be impatient with those beneath them employees, hirelings, etc. The latter may reflect their attitude toward authority figures — parents, principals, policemen — during their youth. The child with planets in the 10th house may be thinking about his career early in life but may require considerable training to reach the heights to which he aspires.

The 11th house is a movement away from the 10th and down towards the lower hemisphere of the chart. The 11th house takes the clear idea seen in the 10th and resolves to put it to work, usually enlisting the help of friends and others. The 11th house has to do with plans for action, group goals, cooperation. The 11th house also reveals how a child interacts with his friends. For example, a child with Cancer on the 11th house cusp would be protective toward his friends. He likes to invite them over, and a sleep-over would be a special treat! He could be very attached to his friends.

If a child has planets in the 11th house, his chart will take on an Aquarian coloring: he may be innovative, interested in science or electronics, and be free-spirited. The 12th house is the house of the past, the subconscious and so is associated with karma. The 12th house can reveal to us the nature of fears the child must overcome, in addition to hidden strengths upon which he can draw.

The child with planets in the 12th house may be shy, intuitive, even clairvoyant. He sees the world through the eyes of a mystic or dreamer. He may not know clearly where fantasy ends and reality begins. Meditation, music, and art often can often bring him out of his shell and channel his imagination constructively. The 1st house marks the division between the upper and lower houses. The upper houses are more outer in their manifestations. The child with the majority of planets in the lower hemisphere is more personal and subjective. Home, family, and security need to be established before he will venture out.

The 1st house is the house of identity which will be primarily shaped by early experiences in life. The first house tells how we project ourselves outward our personalities and how others perceive us. The 2nd house is the house of values, what we value, and how we treat our valuables. This is also the house of income and right livelihood, which of course will be influenced by the degree to which we developed our personal resources during childhood.